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The 5 Step Skin Care Program

The 5 Steps

Our goal with the Whole Beauty® Skin Care Collection is simple. The 5 steps to our skin care program will help you achieve beautiful skin by reversing unwanted changes associated with sun, stress, and the aging process, and to help maintain your newly improved skin once this has been achieved. For skin that is not yet damaged, we want to do our best to help you prevent any future damage from occurring.


In the morning and the evening, our foaming facial cleansers remove the oils and impurities that have accumulated on your skin over the previous hours. The cleansers helps to prepare your skin for the remaining steps of the skin care program and are specifically formulated as to not counteract the active ingredients in subsequent steps. Your specific cleanser is based upon your skin type.



This step replenishes your skin’s store of hyaluronic complexes and other molecules that are depleted by stress, sun, and the aging process. These molecules draw water into the skin and restore the skin’s tone and moisture.




Specific formulations for day and night time based on your skin’s overall character actively restore your skin’s structure. Because these are medical grade formulations, there are higher concentrations of active ingredients and a wider range of possibilities than can be obtained in department store products. The ingredients selected are based upon sound scientific research. We tailor our recommendations to your specific skin type and step up the power of this element of the program as your skin improves.



The products in this step help to seal in the active ingredients and impart a soft texture to the skin. The day time ingredients include a sun protection system that is compatible with the previous steps in the program.



At the end of this sequence you apply specific products to enhance the quality of eyelid skin.


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