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Exfoliation Treatments


Improve the appearance of your skin’s texture, reduce enlarged pores, and revitalize dull skin with DermaPlaning. DermaPlaning is a gentle, gradual exfoliation of the skin’s surface cells that reduces damage caused by aging, sun exposure and other environmental and hereditary factors. DermaPlaning treatments at our Chicago and Winnetka centers are performed by a member of our highly skilled team under the close monitoring of Dr. Cook. Click here to learn more about DermaPlaning.

Enhanced Oxygen Facials

Restore your skin’s foundation with C therapy. Hyperbaric oxygen, long known for its healing properties, can now be used to help restore your skin’s structure and resilience. We create a bubble of pressurized oxygen on the skin’s surface to deliver a mixture of hyaluronic acid, vitamins, and antioxidants into your skin. This improves skin tone, a reduction of fine lines, and an overall radiance to the skin. The benefits are immediate, but patients will experience continued improvements over the next several days. We recommend a series of 6 weekly treatments. This will provide your skin with the maximum cumulative benefit. For follow up maintenance, we recommend treatments every 4 to 6 weeks.

The benefits of Enhanced Oxygen therapy can be further amplified with our medical-grade Whole Beauty skincare products. Allow our medical aesthetics team to create a customized regimen of products specifically suited to your skin. Click here to learn more about Enhanced Oxygen Facials.

Silk Peel®

The Silk Peel® Dermalinfusion employs cutting-edge peptide technology to improve the appearance of skin discoloration and a more even skin tone overall. Treatment with the Lumixyl Pro-Infusion, formulated specifically for delivery with the Silk Peel® Dermalinfusion system, offers an accelerated approach to brightening the skin that is effective without the irritation of other brightening agents. Click here to learn more about Silk Peels.

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