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Injectable Relaxants

Injectable Relaxants to Soften and Smooth Lines and Wrinkles

Injectable Relaxants at the Whole Beauty® Institute

Our injectable relaxants can retrain your facial muscles to soften and smooth furrows and lines. If you are frustrated with the appearance of deep lines and furrows in your skin, relax, we have deep experience with injectable relaxants. We have several gentle, effective and minimally invasive solutions for smoothing out your frustrations.

Going much deeper than product knowledge, Dr. Cook and our highly-skilled clinicians have carefully studied facial anatomy and the uniqueness of expressions to ensure we deliver individualized results to keep you smiling, naturally and without leaving a trace.

  1. Frown Lines and Furrows between Eyebrows
  2. Tiny Lines at the Corner of the Eye, often called “Crow’s Feet”
  3. Horizontal “Worry Lines” and Furrow Lines across the Forehead
Relaxant Portfolio

Our portfolio of relaxants represents the top brands in injectable liquid relaxants, Botox®, Dysport® and Xeomin®.

Our portfolio of relaxant brands are proven, safe and effective liquid injectables which represent the most common of cosmetic procedures. While all contain the Botulinum Toxin, each is unique and should be selected during your personal consultation with the Whole Beauty® Institute to identify the product best suited for your anatomy and your goals.

Understanding Relaxants

The idea of getting several injections, no matter how tiny the needle, is not something we all find unsettling. While our highly-experienced clinical team can greatly minimize long-held phobias of needles and reduce injection site pain, we can also assure you that the reward of a smoother, more relaxed and vibrant appearance will far outweigh any initial concerns.

Many find comfort too in understanding that relaxants, derived from the Botulinum Toxin Type A, is an organic compound and is naturally absorbed by your body over time. The youthful effects of the injections can last for up to four months, and can be repeated as needed. Once injected, the Botulinum Toxin will gradually restrict the nerves in facial muscles that cause them to contract, and wrinkle. Those facial muscles will soften, and relax, and wrinkles will disappear or minimize.

Your clinical team is directed and trained by John Q. Cook, M.D., a highly-regarded leader in the field of aesthetic plastic surgery and medical aesthetics. The Whole Beauty® Institute is the best at ensuring a clinically sterile environment and gentle, safe experience with relaxants.

Areas of Influence

We aren’t looking to change your appearance. Together, we will restore and refresh your whole beauty with a regime of relaxant injections. Our team of clinicians is precise, strategic and artful in achieving noticeable results to keep you, and those around you, smiling.

The effects of sun, stress, diet and time can slowly diminish our youthful, natural beauty. Injectable relaxants can minimize and soften those effects: tiny lines around your eyes, creases across your forehead, and furrows between your brows. We can help to smooth your facial lines with relaxants and restore your skin’s condition without freezing or unnaturally changing your appearance.

What can I expect?

You can expect to receive the highest level of personal attention and care. We are passionately committed to achieving results that make you happy. Together with our expert clinicians we will help you decide upon the best relaxant and course of treatment to help you meet your goals (this may include a combination of treatments for optimum results). Depending on the relaxant, location, and concern, your appointment will take between 10 and 30 minutes. You may experience minimal pain or discomfort at the injection site and some patients may experience redness, minor swelling, tenderness and inflammation, but this only for a very brief period and soon disappears. Click here to learn more about injectables at the Whole Beauty® Institute.

Treatment may require multiple injection sites to achieve your goals. During your consultation at the Whole Beauty® Institute we will discuss the expected outcome of your treatment so that you may have peace of mind and be assured of desirable results. It may take up to four days to see noticeable results; and your facial muscles will maintain their youthful, more relaxed state for up to four months.

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